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Set in picturesque surrounds, Woodland Waters is a prestigious new residential community bordering the rural hillside of Mernda in Victoria. The developer, Central Equity, called upon the services of GLG GreenLife Group, who specialise in landscape construction and maintenance, for its Woodland Waters Residential Estate, located on Plenty Road.

The Woodland Waters Residential Estate project involves a total of 13 stages of which GLG has been responsible for 11. The first stage began in 2005, with the last Stage (stage 11) completed in September 2011. GLG was responsible for the landscape construction of all 11 stages of the project as well as the ongoing landscape maintenance.

The design brief called for the creation of beautiful public open space landscape structures and features in order to establish and maintain healthy plant life, both terrestrial and aquatic.

The design was so that residents could enjoy and interact with the landscape and the natural environment. The preservation and enhancement of the natural environment were key drivers for the developer.

Over seven hectares of mature Red Gums contribute to the estate’s dedicated public open space which makes up over 36 per cent of the estate. There are also dozens of original Red Gums scattered throughout in streetscapes, parks and recreational areas all paying homage to the natural environment and providing a safe haven for indigenous birds and animals.

What was a smaller lake of almost one hectare and a creek running through a paddock, has been increased to over four hectares of wetland reserve providing a tranquil escape for residents and a home to local flora and bird life. These wetlands serve another important purpose of purifying the local rain water run-off before joining the Plenty River.

The style of the landscape is one that incorporates many natural and man-made environmental features with beautiful and recreational open space landscape structures supporting diverse flora and fauna.

The result is a design that incorporates walking/cycling tracks, boardwalks, walking bridges, BBQ areas, an amphitheatre for viewing the wetlands, reserves, playgrounds, grassed areas, tree-lined streets and over 400,000 plants. It was not long before ducks and geese moved in to live in the wetland, along with the frogs and many other local animals.

The key features of the project include the estate entry feature; four hectares of wetlands with over 115,000 aquatic plants; an amphitheatre, shelter pavilion and pavements consisting of exposed aggregate; a Jetty extending over water body; boardwalk bridge over 50m and curved; and woodland reserve and streetscapes. The walls and fence pillars are stone clad, while the amphitheatre and pavements consist of exposed aggregate. The boardwalk is constructed of timber.

Not only pleasing to look at, the Woodland Waters Residential Estate provides a serene ambience for residents and puts the focus on preserving the natural environment.


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Project Particulars:

Developer: Central Equity
Landscape Construction and Maintenance: GLG GreenLife Group
Landscape Architect: Smec Urban
Plant Supply: Prestige Plants
Aquatic Plants: Plantwize

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