Developing Port Botany is a groundbreaking environmental challenge

The expansion of the container terminal port at Botany is one of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken in Australia in the last 30 years. Many ports in Australia are undergoing expansion programmes, but the expansion of Port Botany is impressive both for its sheer size and great importance placed on sustaining the local environment.

The expansion focuses on the reclamation of 60 hectares of land for five new shipping berths with container storage. Landscape works include recreational facility upgrade of Foreshore Beach with two new lookouts at the eastern and western sides of the beach, pedestrian and cycle paths, a new boat ramp and a new pedestrian bridge to link with Sir Joseph Banks Park.

Combined with improvement of the habitat for migratory shore birds and ecological restoration works to Penrhyn Estuary makes this an outstanding project.

ESD Landscape Contractors began working with Baulderstone in August 2008. Mass removal of Bitou bush using low impact methods cleared the way for revegetation. ESD grew half a million provenance plants from seed for rehabilitation, including Australia's largest constructed saltmarsh.

Penrhyn Estuary is a locally significant site for migratory shorebirds containing saltmarsh and seagrass communities. The importance of this habitat and its close proximity to the work area required extreme care to be taken during construction to avoid disruption to nesting and migratory cycles. The area is designated as a threatened ecological community in NSW.

The landscaping along Foreshore Drive and Penrhyn Estuary provides a fantastic opportunity for residents to enjoy recreation, cycling, boating and observation of endangered migratory birds.

ESD Landscape Contractors provided their leading edge experience to deliver increased indigenous biodiversity and contribute to environmentally sustainable development (ESD).

ESD Landscape Contractors is underpinned by its ecological knowledge base and a commitment in the welfare of the planet's biodiversity. ESD Landscape Contractors are proud of their part in working with Baulderstone, SHFA, Sydney Ports, to meet their objectives of building a world class sustainable port.

Whilst the project is valued at over $3 million, the value of the increase in biodiversity is significantly more.

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