by Greenwall Solutions

Greenwall Australia was called upon to turn a drab looking office block entrance into a lively space of colour and greenery.

Located in Neutral Bay, Sydney, the transformation of the office block entrance was completed in August 2013. The design brief from Charlie Albone, of Inspired Exteriors, and Selling Houses Australia, called for a modernisation of the bland office block entrance.

Greenwall decided the best way to liven up the space and give it a fresh look was to install a green wall, and opted for its VertiGro system. Described as bright, modern and clean, the office block entrance is now alive with colour and greenery.

According to Greenwall Australia Director Edward Warburton, the Vertigro system is so simple - from plant nursery to installation. “Plants are grown in the Vertigro pot in the nursery, transported in trays (and in racks) to the site and hooked up to the weldmesh installed with the Greenwall meshlock system and nylon spacers to keep the greenwall away from the hostwall. Irrigation is then attached to the mesh and the process is complete – a greenwall with a low water use irrigation system is just minutes.”

One of the key features of the project is the web-based irrigation controller, which allows Greenwall to monitor the water use and ensure the water is flowing to the wall. If the water supply was accidentally turned off, a text message would be sent to Edward’s mobile – regardless of whether he was in Australia or overseas.

The end result is nothing short of eye-catching. The green wall has not only added life and colour to what was once a bland space, but the many health benefits associated with green walls means the building’s occupants can now breathe a whole lot easier.

Project Particulars:Client: Charlie Albone, Inspired Exteriors
Green Wall: Greenwall Australia

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