by Greenwall Solutions

An abstract planting design of 4000 plants has added life and colour to a shopping centre in Brisbane.
The Westfield Shopping Centre located in Mt Gravatt in Brisbane Queensland has been reinvigorated with life and colour thanks to the installation of a living greenwall.
Completed in September 2014, Greenwall Australia was responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of 90 square metres of 4000 plants.
Working closely with the Westfield design team, Greenwall Australia was charged with bringing some life and colour to the atrium void.
The air cleaning aspect of the greenwall was a big consideration for the project, which was two-years in the planning. Best described as a free-form, abstract planting design, key features of the project include Greenwall Australia’s patented SkALE Greenwall pods; and the web-based irrigation controller and fertigation system which ensures plant health and constant water supply.
Greenwall Australia has breathed new life into the Westfield building, and turned a large, empty space into a colourful and lively feature.

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