Unisite Group's understanding of Council needs and responsibilities – along with their experience in creating fantastic and functional public spaces – came to the fore with this project.

Project Developing Scarborough Beach Park, Redcliffe

Partner Moreton Bay Regional Council


  • An inviting public space for family fun and recreation to enhance Scarborough Park, overlooking one of Redcliffe’s beautiful, family-friendly beaches
  • Safe, comfortable and ideal outdoor furniture and facilities, making it a drawcard for locals and day-trippers: including table settings, park seats, bin enclosures and free BBQ facilities
  • Incredibly tough materials and solutions to withstand one of Moreton Bay’s harshest climatic areas
  • Cost-effective, robust and durable products to provide a local council and community with lasting value-for-money


Unisite Group worked hand-in-hand with Moreton Bay Regional Council to create a welcoming space that would be tough enough for sustained use and harsh conditions. In short, they needed a beautiful, natural look to complement the environment with exceptional safety, strength and virtually no maintenance.

The ideal solution included table settings and park seats from our Timber Image range: products made from aluminium extrusions but coated in a finish that looks almost exactly like natural timber. The properties of aluminium with stainless steel, tamper-proof fasteners ensure longevity and a lifetime of value.

As well as being easy to use, the Barbeco BBQs also provided Council with ongoing savings by using 50 percent less power than other electric BBQs.

Finally, they ensured the overall ‘look’ came together perfectly, with matching colour anodised aluminium enclosures around all the BBQs and bin enclosures.

Our focus throughout the process was ensuring that Council’s experience and upkeep, now and in the future, is as stress-free as a day at the beach.

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