Every day, 133 elderly Queenslanders fall and require medical attention, with each fall costing the health system approximately $6500 (QLD Stay on your feet, 2016). In Australia, the cost of falling annually is approximately $498 million. Falling not only causes physical injury, it also causes harm to self-confidence and dramatically reduces quality of life.

Most falls are actually preventable. Exercise can help to maintain strength, muscle mass, balance and flexibility, which are essential functions for preventing falls.

The new active seniors range from KOMPAN inspires bodies and minds to maintain health and independence by promoting active and healthy aging. The Stay Fit range is inspired by activities and obstacles that are found in everyday life and help to train fundamental skills needed to conquer everyday tasks.

For example, the reactive balance board trains response and balance on unstable surfaces. In everyday life, this could be boarding a bus or walking on slippery grass. The Flex Wheel trains shoulders and upper body mobility, this is essential for everyday tasks such as putting on socks, hanging out the laundry or reaching up to put dishes away.

Designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and, of course, seniors, the range encourages seniors to stay mobile, stay active and stay fit. When testing for elderly functional capacity, the ‘stand and rise’ and the ‘up and go’ are two tests frequently used by doctors and physiotherapists. It was with this in mind that the Up & Go station was created where both tests can be performed.

The senior’s fitness equipment is perfect for retirement homes, retirement villages, public parks, hospitals or aged care facilities. The new fitness range is built to last using materials that withstand frequent public use and our harsh Australian conditions.

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