The junior play area at Rocks Riverside Park is a wonderful place for the little ones. Upgraded with a jungle-themed design by Proludic, the playground encourages imaginative play and includes many challenging activities for children aged from 6 months to five years. 

Specifically designed for toddlers and young children, the Tiboo Multi-Play was decorated with Amazone Grafic Games to take children into a tropical rainforest adventure. The Tiboo unit stimulates motor development but also encourages role play and social skills, a fundamental aspect of early childhood development.

The journey continues with an Adventure Jungle-themed Multi-Play, where the young explorers encounter all sorts of wonderful wild animals. The structure includes many challenging and manipulative play elements to stimulate the senses.

Children can search for the secret temple by jumping in the Jeep or crossing the Swinging Bridge. The addition of a Wash House and Sand Sieve to the playground provides sensory and natural play activities, essential to childhood development.

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