Thanks to a grant from Lottery West, Fitzroy Crossing now has a new playground that connects to the local environment and is suitable for the extreme climate of the north west.

Situated in the Kimberley region, approximately 2524km from Perth, Fitzroy Crossing is a remote outback town. Submitted in 2017 to Lottery West, along with a playground proposal from Proludic, The Shire of Derby/West Kimberly was awarded the grant in early 2018 to develop a new playground for the local community.

To help strengthen the community’s connection with the playground, Proludic’s award-winning Grafic Games technique was utilised to apply artworks to the play equipment, which were prepared by local children under the mentorship of their elders and teachers.

Reflecting the local environment and encouraging imaginative and social play, the play equipment expertly installed by Proludic is truly unique.

The main feature of the play area is the Croco-themed Multi-Play equipment. Suitable for children 4+ years, the unit includes activities that encourage adventurous play, gross motor development and user interaction.

An inclusive and accessible play area features interactive Play Panels, an inclusive Double Tournicoti Carousel, Double-Bay Swing, custom Jeep and custom Boat Springer. Also included in the playspace are sand equipment, with the Proludic Sand Digger and Sieve – to encourage sensory play – the Tightrope Circuit for balancing skills, and the Rodeoboard and Metal Cableway for fun and unique play experiences.

Given the weather conditions experienced in the Kimberley region, all equipment used in this playground was geared toward longevity under extreme exposure.

A great addition to Fitzroy Crossing, the local community is thrilled with their new playspace. To find out more visit

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