The Play Works specialises in creating truly unique custom-made playspaces. They all involve an extensive design and manufacturing process that is best suited to significant commercial or community projects.

The ability to custom design and manufacture equipment is key when designing unique playspaces. Kit products are unable to be modified in any significant way, only repositioned and connected in different ways. They cannot properly integrate into unique spaces and The Play Works believes that the landscape should not always be changed to suit the limitations of standards equipment designs.

Extensive knowledge of play spaces and equipment ensures that The Play Works designs equipment and playgrounds that are well suited to the needs of the community, rather than something that will simply suffice. Together with clients, the company creates unique playspaces that are fun, exciting, and developmentally appropriate to children’s needs and abilities. Most importantly, they are functional and safe, meet all Australian Playground Standards and achieve the desired outcomes identified during the initial consultation process.

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The Play Works

The Play Works has over 25 years of expertise in designing and building playgrounds