Moodie’s Roocycle was the obvious choice for the rebuild of Sydney’s Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway.The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway covers more than 800 metres from Rhodes Station to Concord Hospital in Sydney’s inner-west, and runs along the mangrove-studded shores of Brays Bay on the Parramatta River.

The walkway is a unique tribute to the bravery of Australian troops who fought through atrocious conditions and against vastly superior enemy numbers in the Papua-New Guinea campaign of July 1942-January 1943.

The two old timber bridges along the track had significant termite, and dry rot damage. They needed to be replaced with a strong, durable, long lasting building material that required no maintenance.

Roocycle ET was the obvious choice for a complete rebuild with its ‘raw charcoal’ colour blending nicely into the natural bushland environment.

Large ET posts (250x250mm) were produced to replace the old existing ones and 230x130mm beams were used to span the creek beds. Roocycle ET commercial Tri-Deck (190x55mm) was used for decking. 

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