Commissioned by Ipswich City Country to create a playground with a range of play experiences for children of all abilities aged 2-12, Proludic adopted a natural-play theme that connected the playspace to the surrounding park environment. This incredible playspace was later featured on the Australian TV show Australia by Design: Innovations.

Utilsing their award-winning nature-inspired Kanopé range, Proludic created a playground that enables children to explore and fosters their interest in the natural environment, while also developing skills and confidence through the numerous play elements and obstacles.

The Kanopé Multi-Play range is an adventure trail with curved lines, organic shapes and colours of a woodland world in motion. An alternative timber-look colour scheme was used to seamlessly integrate the Kanopé structure in the natural setting.

Sustainably sourced and robust materials made to suit Australian conditions were used to ensure the longevity of the playspace.  

Additional play equipment included:

  • Mini-Trails Circuit | comprising a succession of various obstacles to overcome that helps children aged 2 to 8 develop their motor skills and concentration.
  • Sidney the Snake Springer | decorated with ‘Etnik’ graphics from Proludic’s award-winning Grafic Games range
  • Pod Swing 
  • Trampoline 
  • Climbing Hut 

Delighted by their experience working with Proludic, Ann Bailey, Project Manager at Ipswich City Council claims, “The comprehensive presentation of play equipment and the 3D presentations were very well received by stakeholders and made communications much easier.“

“The design of equipment appears to be well thought out and sturdy in nature.”

Adding to the playground’s good will, in December 2018 the Eagle Street Park playground was featured on the hit TV show Australia By Design: Innovations, to showcase Proludic’s Good Design Gold Award-winning Kanopé play range. Watch the spot below>

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