There’s something mesmerising about water features; they add that special touch to outdoor spaces and bring a sense of peace and tranquillity. For this reason, water features are starting to pop up everywhere – in both residential spaces as well as commercial settings. 

No matter what type of backyard you have – be it a courtyard, balcony or large expanse of lawn, there are water features to suit every situation. When it comes to incorporating water into an outdoor setting, there are numerous options and various water feature designs to choose from. 

Many companies are on hand to assist with this task. Water Features Direct specialises in water features made from natural stone and copper. H2O Designs prides itself on innovative designs and designs that evoke passion. While Techno Water Designs has a reputation for delivering projects ranging from major commercial water features to custom-made water sculptures. 

Water features can turn an ordinary outdoor setting into a mystical and tranquil oasis. The look of water combined with the soothing sound is perfect for setting the mood and creating an outdoor haven. 

Water features can also be used indoors – which is another reason why these landscape features are so popular; they’re versatile. Indoors, a subtle water feature or water sculpture can bring a sense of nature to the indoors and turn an everyday room into a tranquil retreat.

In the commercial setting, water features are forming part of the landscape of many designs, and given their characteristics, you can see why. Water features draw people in and create an ambience that is hard to match. 

Today, water features are also being used in conjunction with other landscape elements, such as green walls and exterior lighting. The magical properties of water are further enhanced when combined with other landscape features. Lighting is a clever way of manipulating the effect of water and bringing that ‘wow’ factor to water features. And when combined with green walls, water features bring a sense of nature to the space – this is most realised in an indoor setting. 

Outdoor Design Source has a comprehensive list of companies that specialise in water features

Next time you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor or indoor space, you can’t go passed water features for that touch of serenity.

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