by Terrance Plowright

Terrance has been commissioned to create some large murals, such as those found at Westfield in Parramatta, and St George Hospital in Sydney. The former weighs 8 tonnes and is 80’ high by 50’ wide. It is half a metre deep, with over 12 layers of paint, three to four layers of 25mm board, 1 tonne of modelling compound, and 1.7 km of polyethylene tube. The latter is 16m high, with a crushed granite and glass floor.

Terrance has also designed and created several cenotaphs, most notably in Memory Park in Penrith. This contemporary work is in stainless steel, sandstone and cast bronze. There are others at Smithfield Memorial Park, and another is still under construction at Holsworthy.

Images (top to bottom): From Light, Water, St George Hospital, Sydney; Nurturing Nature Profoundly Intimate, Westfield Parramatta, Sydney; and Cenotaph, Penrith, Memory Parko.

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