by Ronstan Tensile Architecture

Company:Ronstan Tensile Architecture 

Product:Cable Trellis Systems 

In Application:Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta Sydney 

Purpose:To encourage plants along cables or wires to form attractive espalier patterns or architectural green wall features. The cables can be arranged in any density across a wall space to facilitate the required level of plant mass or a specific growth aesthetic, ranging from open geometric espalier patterns to solutions that deliver cost effective and homogeneous plant cover over large green wall spaces. 

Current trends in green wall features:The popularity of cable trellis systems as a means of creating either a commercial or domestic green façade is definitely growing.  In particular, the use of cables to support plants as sculptural or architectural elements is something the industry is embracing at present. 

Feedback:Where there’s a small garden footprint, people really appreciate the cable or wire trellis as a simple and cost effective way of creating a vertical garden or green façade.

Rowan Murray, General Manager
Ronstan Tensile Architecture

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