Futurewood deck clips and screws are available in four different types. The standard deck clips are supplied in two different sized boxes that contain either 100 or 600 black plastic “T” clips plus 15, or 90 S/S anti-walking clips. These are fitted with either a black finish stainless-steel screw inserted and ready for fixing to timber joists (DCT690), or with a metal drilling Tek screw for fixing to steel joists (DCM690).

Torx 15 drivers are also supplied with the deck clips. Starting/finishing clips are available in packs of 20 with S/S screws for timber joists to fix the first and last board of your deck (DCSF20). They also come with breaker board clips in packs of 10, with screws for timber joists for fixing breaker boards if they are part of your deck design (DCBB10). Additional anti-walking clips can be supplied in packets of 50 c/w blackened stainless-steel screws, if required for a board walk or a deck with a large number of short boards.

The standard deck clips are designed to slide in to the grooved edge of the CleverDeck board and be positioned over each joist. Once in position and after the boards have been checked for square on your deck and levered in to their final position, the clip is screwed in to the joist providing a uniform 5.5mm gap between each board and a completely concealed fix option for your deck.

The Futurewood deck clip system is both economical to buy and saves installation time over a standard top fix screwing installation method.

CleverDeck can also be fixed using an appropriate stainless-steel screw fixed through the face of the board (top fix) if required.

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