CleverDeck composite timber decking is great value, easy to install, environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance free. It allows you to move away from the common rainforest timber deck, with all of its associated environmental concerns and maintenance issues, and know that you have made an economically sound decision that won't hurt the environment.

CleverDeck is made from recycled plastic (industrial waste and some post-consumer plastic waste), wood flour (sawdust) and discarded rice husks. This ensures it is one of the most environmentally friendly decking options available.

Futurewood recognises that customers who want to help the environment shouldn’t be disadvantaged. So, once you factor in the initial and ongoing maintenance costs of a common timber deck, choosing CleverDeck will save you money year after year.
CleverDeck 138mm-wide solid WPC decking is available in five standard colours: Chocolate, Mahogany, Saltbush, Slate Grey and Walnut. All boards are double-sided with a coarse sanded finish on one side and an indented grain pattern on the other.

You can also consider a wide range of custom-made CleverDeck boards if you have the lead time and the required volume. Custom made CleverDeck sizes include 86mm x 23mm, 184mm x 24mm and 140mm x 35mm. Standard CleverDeck boards are available in long 5.4-metre lengths and custom boards can be made in any length up to 5.8 metres long. All CleverDeck boards offer the peace of mind that a 10-year domestic or 7-year commercial warranty against rotting and white ants/termite attack provides.

Standard CleverDeck boards have a groove on both edges, giving you the option of using the Futurewood deck clip system for an extremely fast, money-saving and completely concealed fix, adding an additional touch of class to your deck.

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