Real Flame’s Ligna range of open-fronted wood fireplaces will transform any outdoor space. It produces radiant and convection heat more efficiently than conventional masonry fireplaces. This Australian designed and made product may be easily integrated into any entertaining area.  

Real Flame is an industry leader in fireplace design, which is evident in Ligna’s unique heat exchange design. This fireplace traps hot air, keeping the surrounding area warm and preventing heat from being lost up the chimney.  

The Ligna fireplace is economical to install and can be easily added to an existing space or included as part of a new design. For new installations, the fireplace comes with a timber frame and non-combustible enclosure. The Ligna can be positioned on a timber floor, so it is perfect for a decked area.

A hide-away safety screen ensures the fireplace is safe without compromising the aesthetics of the space. It is also easy to maintain with a slide-out ash pan.

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