Toro’s Precision Series Spray and Rotating Stream Nozzles provide higher overall irrigation efficiencies with minimal water loss through misting, run-off and evaporation. They are the simple way to save water in the garden whilst turf health.

Precision™ Series Rotating Stream Nozzles (PRN) are ideal for maintaining turf in small to medium size lawns. They deliver wind-resistant, multi-stream and multi-trajectory water patterns, utilising Toro’s recognised expertise in gear-driven rotors for golf course applications.

The highly efficient nozzles produce rotating streams of water, delivering water more slowly and evenly than conventional sprays. This slow and consistent application minimises water loss through run-off and evaporation. 

PRN’s are installed just like a traditional spray nozzle into a pop-up sprinkler body. This makes them ideal for retrofitting into existing pop-up systems.

Precision® Series Spray Nozzles (PSN) are the most complete and efficient spray nozzle line available, using up to 1/3 less water than conventional spray nozzles, to help manage water use.

The PSN boasts a more uniform, larger droplet size, that reduces misting and overspray – even in windy conditions. Delivering water at a rate of 25 mm per hour, the PSN applies water more slowly and evenly, without sacrificing turf health. And with Toro’s "matched precipitation rate", no matter what arc or radius the sprinkler is set at, each area will receive the same amount of water. 

Available in a selection of colour-coded arcs and radii, the PSN is ideal for new installations and retrofits to existing systems.

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