Drip Eze in-line drip tube is a precise, low flow, irrigation product suited for a wide range of landscape applications such as high density planting areas, median strips and other intricately styled landscape applications, such as rockeries. It is the ideal choice for households and municipalities looking to save money and our natural resources.

Drip Eze delivers water in controlled quantities right to the base of the plant. The low discharge rates present distinct advantages when dealing with slopes and soils with poor infiltration rates, as runoff is eliminated.

Another highly desirable feature of drip irrigation is the excellent uniformity of water application - ensuring all plants receive the same amount of water. With poor irrigation uniformity it is necessary to over-irrigate in order to ensure a proper coverage of the dryer zones.

Drip Eze is also available with ‘Root Guard’ which incorporates a chemical retardant. The chemical prevents root intrusion and remains active for over 10 years. Drip Eze with Rootguard is installed subsurface, and must be installed by a professional irrigation contractor. The product has to be used in conjunction with a RPZ backflow prevention device which should be installed by a licensed plumber and checked annually. 

Toro’s Drip-EzeTM inline drip tube has achieved the Smart Approved WaterMark. 

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