by Toro Australia

The Toro Sentinel ™ Central Control System is a powerful system, ideal for commercial applications in parks and gardens, schools, councils and sports fields. Sentinel literally “stands guard” over multiple irrigation sites from one central location.

Easy to use, the Microsoft Windows-based software ensures daily operations and scheduling is quick and easy. Sentinel provides the irrigator with the ability to optimize programmed irrigation between different irrigation sites. Sites with a single water source can be easily programmed and optimised to suit the water source and mainlines.

Sentinel can incorporate flow sensors, tipping rain cans, wind sensors, freeze sensors and full weather-stations. These sensors and instruments monitor site and climatic conditions and report to the central computer. 

Every Sentinel system purchased comes with two years of 24 hour, seven days a week Toro NSN (National Support Network) telephone support. 

Sentinel was awarded the “Irrigation & Use” Award at the 2012 South Australian Water Industry Alliance Awards. 

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