by Toro Australia

Toro has a variety of residential and commercial controllers that will aid with turf management and water budgeting.

The Toro DDC and DDCWP controllers are amongst the most popular for residential and light commercial use. The DDC controller uses AC power and the DDCWP is battery powered and 100 % waterproof to IP68 standard. This makes it ideal for mounting in a valve box or on an outside wall. These controllers feature an exclusive virtual dial interface that guides a user through simple programming functions.

DDC controllers are available in indoor and outdoor versions, ranging from 2 to 8 stations. 

For light commercial applications the TMC424 Series Commercial Controllers take modularity to a whole new level. With feature flexibility such as expandable station counts, flow monitoring and program stacking the TMC-424 offers the performance, reliability and functionally needed for commercial installations. 

TMC424 controllers are available in indoor and outdoor, key lockable versions.  

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