Durham Drainage offers a selection of sewage access covers, grates and frames, and precast concrete. Each product has a Class rating from A-G and are bike, pedestrian and wheelchair friendly.

Cast Iron Access Covers

The products across this range include Infill Type, Solid Top, Infill Access, Paver Infill, D-Lock Concrete Infill, Infill Trench and Solid Top Trench. All products come with a Two Part option and can be in Class B, C, D, E and G.

Grates and Frames

Durham Drainage has a wide range of grates and frames on offer including Sump, Round, Road, Kerb Inlet, MAXI, Cast Iron Strip and Trench products. These items come in Class B, C, D, E or G.

Precast Concrete

The Round Access Chambers and Round Concrete Surrounds are constructed with precast concrete in Class B or D.

For more information on each product and their load rating, contact Durham Drainage Products or visit their website via the links below. 

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