Hydro Construction Products is proud to be the exclusive supplier of drainage channel products in Australia and New Zealand from the German-based MEA Group (Drainage). They offer heavy duty drainage, discreet and shallow drainage, infrastructure drainage and DIY options.

Hydro Construction Products has the unique advantage of being able to supply drainage channels made of polymer concrete and GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) to match their customers’ specific application requirements. Their strip drain products are all specified to Australian Standards AS3996 and come in a variety of widths, depths, lengths and load ratings with grates and assorted accessories to suit.

Heavy Duty Drainage

Hydro Supreme stormwater drainage channels are manufactured from light weight, corrosion and chemical resistant Polymer Concrete for all project types and include a variety of grate and accessory options. The edge rails are embedded into the channel bodies made from eco-friendly, high strength polymer concrete which protects groundwater reliably from chemically aggressive liquids.

Can be used for: car parks, loading bays, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial zones, airports, docks, service stations, roads, train stations, sporting arena’s, gardens, and more.

Road and Tramway Drainage


  • Infrastructure & Traffic
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Urban Architecture

Can be used for: roads, intersections, highways, airports, docks, train, light rail and road crossings.

Home and Landscaping DIY

Quick to install, Hydro MEAGARD Polymer Concrete Channels are the ideal product for home construction, gardens, garage driveways and landscaping projects. Able to bear the weight of a passenger car, the channels are available in 3 different clear opening sizes with a variety of grate options.

Application types:

  • Domestic Applications
  • Gardening & Landscape
  • Urban Architecture

Can be used for: entrances of domestic driveways, gardens, courtyards and landscaped applications.

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