Durham Drainage has developed a range of electrical service products. Each product has a load rating from Class A to G and are bike, pedestrian and wheelchair safe. They come in cast iron, galvanised steel or precast concrete.

Access Covers

The Access covers come as a cover and frame system. This range from Durham includes Infill, Galvanised Chequer Plate, Infill Access, Solid Top, Infill Access, Paver Infill, D-Lock Concrete Infill, Two Part Solid Top Cover, Infill Trench and Solid Top Trench products. These come in Class B, C, D, E and G and are made of either cast iron or galvanised steel.

Grates and Frames

Durham Drainage has a selection of grates and frames on offer including Sump, Round, Road and Trench grates and grames.

Precast Concrete

The range constructed with precast concrete features Commercial Riser/Use Pit, Road Riser/Use Pit, Solid Wall Pit/Riser and Rail Pit/Riser. These products are very sturdy and come in Class C or D.

For more information on each product and their load rating, contact Durham Drainage Products or visit their website via the links below. 

Visit www.durham.com.au
Send Enquiry To Durham (B R Durham & Sons Pty Ltd)