Durham Drainage produces a wide range of sturdy and reliable stormwater drainage products. These include drainage grates and access covers. They are all bike, pedestrian and wheelchair safe and have a Class rating from A-G. These come in a variety of materials such as cast iron, galvanised steel, plastic coated steel, precast concrete and stainless steel.

Drainage Grates

Durham has one of the largest ranges of Drainage Grates in Australia.

Galvanised/Ductile Bike Safe, Galvanised/Ductile Heel Guard and Ductile Pedestrian Guard Trench, which include either a Grate & Frame, Drop In Grate or Drop In Cover option. Stainless Steel Grate & Frames, Ductile Iron Pedestrian Guard Grate & Channel, Concrete Channels, Maxi Channel system and Ductile Grates with Poly channel. Round Drain Grate, Cast Iron Trench Grate, Flow Way Drains, Galvanised Dish Drain, Galvanised Chequer Plate Drop In Cover, Galvanised Trench Grate & Frame, Galvanised Road Authority Grates and Frames, Surcharge Grate & Frame, Galvanised/Plastic Coated Step Irons, and Trash Racks.

Cast Iron Access Covers

The products across this range include Cover & Frame Infill Type, Solid Top, Solid Top KORUM, Infill Access, Paver Infill, D-Lock Concrete Infill, Infill Trench and Solid Top Trench. Additionally, there are Infill/Solid Top Multiple Part Access Covers. Most Durhman access covers are available as a two-part system. Products are also offered in Class B, C, D, E or G.

Grates and Frames

Durham Drainage has a selection of grates and frames on offer including Sump, Round, Road, Kerb Inlet, MAXI, Cast Iron Strip and Trench. They come in Class B, C, D, E or G.

Precast Concrete

There is a variety of products built in Precast Concrete. Concrete Channels, Commercial Use Pit/Risers, Road Use Pit/Risers, Solid Wall Pit/Risers and Round Access Chambers. Precast Kerb Lintels in Standard, RTA, Concave and Convex. Complete Kerb Entry Lintel in Standard and RTA. Concrete Lids, Round Concrete Surround, Pit Cover, Cast Iron Boxes, RTA Grate, Dish Drain V Grates, and Side Entry Unit. Most come in Class A, B or D

For more information on each product and their load rating, contact Durham Drainage Products or visit their website via the links below. 

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