Vicinity greenwall modular vertical garden is a revolutionary automated modular system that makes it even easier to incorporate greenery inside. Greenwall gardens are created using an automated modular system creating a safely installed, yet striking natural centrepiece. The system itself is designed around three key factors, hardware, electronics and software. The hardware is physically built into the wall space and includes a pre-engineered irrigation system.

Electronics form a central part of the system, with the inclusion of a smart sensor technology monitoring system. This system is designed to detect irrigation failures and overall maintenance of the garden. The electronic monitoring system is designed with larger commercial operations in mind, whilst providing the benefit of maintaining multiple installations at once with a monthly monitoring fee. The garden is maintained through software, connected to a central server and web-based management platform. Using this system gardens can be remotely controlled, including maintenance of pump, irrigation and alert modifications. Using a remote system reduces risk and reports potential issues, before becoming long-term problems.

The vicinity greenwall is a truly innovative system melding technology with new forms of natural interior. Some of the system benefits feature the inclusion of unique hexagon pots, easy installation and full coverage from day one.  A basic greenwall system is sold with pot kits included, with extras being available for purchase. Extra equipment includes tanks, irrigation, monitoring and grow lights depending on the set up required.

The vertical system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, aiming to improve sustainability. The gardens are designed to provide good soil volume for plant health as well as the ability to swap and maintain plants. The system is scalable from 1 square meter to 60 square meter modules providing flexible application to a range of spaces.

There is a huge array of plant options available for the design of the greenwall. With such a variety of options, each vertical greenwall can be made to fit specific designs and customer needs. The inclusion of vertical gardens throughout public spaces has a variety of benefits. These can range from health and wellness, increased air quality, aesthetics, improved acoustics and improved energy efficiency. Vicinity greenwalls are also a fantastic lighting solution for indoor projects.

For more information and to see how the greenwall garden works in person, it will be on display at 2017 Interior Plantscape association conference in March located in Melbourne. 

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