Omnitech Playgrounds recently completed a custom-designed Lighthouse play space at Tooradin Foreshore for the City of Casey. For the first time, Omnitech brought a custom concept to life. They worked closely with the local council throughout the whole project and finished an impressive play space for the community to enjoy.

Inspired by the landscape around Tooradin foreshore, the equipment was custom designed to suit. It features a 4m tall lighthouse tower with slide, in ground rubber octopus, natural timber log balance, orbit, crab Tri Roka and Swings. The range of equipment can suit children of any age and ability.  Through climbing, swinging, balancing, sliding and spinning, this playground provides a range of play activities, creating a fun, inspiring play space for children.

The inclusion of a rubber path and ground level panels along the path and inside the base of the lighthouse allows wheelchair and lower ability level children, to navigate through and play in the space.

Built in Omnitech’s factory in West Heidelberg, the tower was made using Cyprus Pine timber slats with a galvanized steel frame. The Octopus was sculpted in concrete and then coated with wet pour rubber. Rubber paint was used to create its eyes. The equipment is durable and robust, producing a playground built to last.

By incorporating the natural elements and a colour scheme sensitive to the area and theme, this playground provides multi-dimensions of play activity. The result is a destination playground that is keeping the local community very happy.

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