Omnitech Playgrounds recently completed installing the new Alma Treloar Reserve Playground in Cockatoo for Cardinia Shire Council. This play space has been designed and built with consideration to enable all kids of different ages and abilities to play together cohesively.

The playground provides a range of activities, including climbing, sliding, swinging, rocking, spinning, imaginative play and nature play. Omnitech went to great lengths to ensure the new playscape fit the park’s setting. During the design process, they took inspiration from the area’s natural surrounds to select a complimentary colour palate.

The Omnitech Extreme play unit features easy accessible slides, tunnels, bridges and activity play panels for younger kids or those with disabilities. It also features their new Activity Boxes that contain a range of different multi-level climbing activities to challenge the more adventurous kids. Through the mixture of high quality rope and HDPE plastic components, the Activity Box provides a large variety of challenging play experiences.

Natural log steppers have been arranged to create a challenging stepping trail and tie into the lush natural environment that surrounds the new playground. They have been finished with a light stain and smooth finish to avoid any potential splinters.

A large rope structure was also included to increase the level of moderate difficulty play elements. Rope allows for multiple different play experiences and is suitable for children of all ages. A play element new to the Omnitech range is the Tractor Unit, which fosters imaginative play and encourages kids to learn to play together.

The play space has been welcomed by the community, as it is a great addition to this community hub.

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