by ACE EXPO Victoria

With only four available nationwide, the Menzi Muck is truly a rare machine. Green Edge Contracting provides a unique excavation service utilising the only Menzi Muck A91, commonly known as a spider excavator, available in Victoria. 

Common in Europe, the Menzi Muck can rise up on all four legs and comfortably work in up to 1800mm of water and mud. The ability of the Menzi Muck to adjust itself to the terrain is a distinct advantage. The Menzi Muck can traverse or straddle obstacles such as banks, logs, waterways, roadside barriers and fences.
The design of the machine, allows it to reach places that a human cannot walk; scaling up to 70 degree slopes and climbing vertical walls over 4m is easily achieved. When on flat ground or undulating terrain, the Menzi can fold down and travel on all four wheels, at a maximum speed of 10 km/hr, which makes it very mobile and efficient.

The typical difficult environment in which the Menzi Muck excels in is outside the safety envelope of a conventional tracked excavator. Steep inaccessible areas are the Menzi Mucks speciality so visit Green Edge Contracting on Stand A56 to discuss how this unique machine can benefit any business.

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