Providing a spectacular visual effect, Turkey’s biggest green wall project to date is connecting people with nature.
A unique living wall in Turkey has been designed to improve the aesthetic outcome and workplace of a large textile company in Antalya City. The planting hides and enhances a large building wall, and represents the biggest green wall project in Turkey to date.
The green wall was installed with Atlantis Gro-Wall 4®, which is designed to attenuate noise, improve air quality and beautify the city. This piece of living art will enhance the experience among visitors, guests and hosts, augmenting their sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
The Atlantis modular recycled plastic receptacles were put together in a geometrical pattern to cover 340m2 of the external area. Three species of plants were used to provide a spectacular visual effect. The planting process has been done over our specially formulated growing media.
Atlantis Vertical Green Wall has the capacity to consume and process CO2 at rates in excess of similar size trees. The project has an added effect of making customers and the public happier in their surroundings when compared to conventional car park treatments. The Gro-Wall treatment provides people with a connection to nature.
Atlantis Aurora works with our local partners to provide an accumulation of 35 years’ experience designing green infrastructure. Our unique inspection and test plans and regular advice provide accountability at all stages of a project. Atlantis delivers with no surprises.
The vertical garden was developed with our partner Melih Seckin of Berceri who installed and managed the project. Approximately 4,356 plants were used, with an installation footprint of 207m2.

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