Aura Estate on the Sunshine Coast is the largest single-owned masterplanned community ever undertaken in Australia, and the nation’s largest wetland rehabilitation and stormwater treatment project. With over 20,000 new homes on the slate, Aura Estate is on track to become the country’s largest 6-star Green Community.

Conceived by Stockland Developments, Aura Estate has over 700 hectares designated for rehabilitation and conservation, but they haven’t forgotten their littlest residents either. Located within the estate, Aura Treehouse is a custom statement playground delivered by Urban Play and furnished with quality play equipment from global playground manufacturer KOMPAN.

Imagined as a ‘forbidden forest’ where children can climb, hide, explore and imagine, Aura Treehouse is a vivid splash of colour on the landscape. A destination playspace that underscores the lifestyle brand of the estate, the play structures were realised by KOMPAN Design Studio (KDS) in collaboration with Urban Play.

KDS is a special unit that focuses on creating totally new, innovative play structures and solutions that are tailor made to meet specific project requirements. The KDS unit is comprised of engineers, designers and landscape architects to create bespoke play structures that are structurally sound and provide high play value.

The central component of the Aura playspace is a large scale central tree tower that stands 11.5m off the ground with a custom-designed cabin nestled among the branches — the largest tower and cabin combination KDS have designed to date. Realised as a four dimensional climbing tower, the treehouse offers 360 degree views.

A curvy stainless-steel slide extends from the main ‘tree’ to carry climbers back down to ground level. A rope bridge connects the largest tower to a second treehouse where an additional slide gives kids another means to reach the ground. And if that isn’t enough, a Corocord rope net offers yet another climbing opportunity.

Adorned with brightly hued leaves, the treehouse offers multiple points of entry and access to the varied climbing routes. The elevated perch of the cabins gives children a birds-eye-view of the area and encourages a connection with nature from its leafy canopy, equating to immense play value for little explorers and keeping them active and challenged for hours on end.

Geared to children of all ages and abilities, the Aura Treehouse offers a wide variety of activities. The use of texture played a major part in the project’s development, with the equipment a combination of galvanised steel, Corocord rope, Robinia organic wood and rubber membranes.

In addition to all the climbing challenges, a Birds Nest swing was also installed. This unit allows children of all abilities and ages to swing alone or in a group.

A considered strategy on behalf of Stockland, the integration of top-quality playgrounds into their sales centres is a persuasive point of difference that entices young families to new estate projects. The Aura Treehouse, Queensland’s first four-dimensional custom-designed treehouse, is already proving to be a successful endeavour in building the Aura community.

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