The redevelopment of a regional streetscape has created fresh economic opportunities and increased liveability for the area.

Jointly funded by the Australian Government and Queensland Government in association with Bundaberg Regional Council, the Burnett Heads Town Centre $9 million redevelopment project aimed to deliver a smart streetscape that would awaken the popular coastal town’s potential.

Located 16 kilometres north of the city of Bundaberg, Burnett Heads is a small regional town nestled along the Coral Coast. Home to the Port of Bundaberg, the area boasts fresh-off-the-trawler seafood and a lively commercial waterfront. Looking to maximise the town’s assets, a proposed redevelopment plan included the chance to implement new technology and street furniture elements into the town centre streetscape.

Hoping to improve community benefits and create new opportunities for economic growth, as well as encourage population growth and improve the liveability of this charming coastal location, a series of infrastructure improvements was approved for the town centre. Council’s Local Plan included wastewater infrastructure and streetscape upgrades to Zunker Street, which is the traditional economic and social centre of Burnett Heads.

Commencing in December 2017, the relocation of services underground and new sewer infrastructure, along with road reconfigurations and the laying of new pathways was completed around June 2018, allowing for development of the new streetscape above ground.

With the belief that improved technology in the streetscape would go a long way toward securing the future prospects of the town, smart street lighting was installed. CCTV cameras were also installed to increase community safety, which are monitored by the Queensland Police. Electronic billboards together with public wifi access keep the community connected, and the installation of electric car charging stations are a nod to the State Government’s initiative for the integration of electric cars.

The installation of the Telstra fibre network will provide a foundation for improved internet performance in the region, and the addition of public art works spice up the landscape. In addition, a suite of street furniture by Grillex® was implemented to complete the project in late 2018, offering greater functionality and improved visual appeal to the Burnett Heads town centre.

“It’s great to be out and about in the Burnett Heads CBD and to witness the interaction the community is having with this new look and feel [streetscape],” claimed Cr Scott Rowleson, divisional representative.

“The Zunker Street works have boosted vitality with a new main street design, seating, art work and more, which will enhance the lifestyle of locals and draw more visitors to our area.”

Contracted to supply street furniture for the redevelopment, Grillex®, a leading provider of commercial electric barbecues, street and park furniture, leisure and outdoor products, provided a collection that represented the new brand Burnett Heads wanted to present to the world. Grillex® Atessa seats with timber slates were deposited along Zunker Street, tying in nicely with the heavy wooden bollards fitted as part of the streetscape upgrade.

Also from the Atessa range, double-enclosure waste receptacles with TimberImage finish were installed along the street. Utilising aluminium slats, TimberImage is achieved through the process of sublimation to achieve a timber look, but offers the strength, durability and low-maintenance benefits of aluminium.

Additional products utilised on the street revival project included Grillex® Reviva drinking fountains with the bottle refill and dog bowl options, stainless steel Citistyle bike hoops, as well as a range of removable stainless steel bollards.

Combining practical amenity with contemporary design appeal, the street furniture supplied by Grillex® was just the finishing touch needed to complete the Burnett Heads streetscape upgrade.


Client Bundaberg Regional Council
Location Burnett Heads, Queensland
Contractor Development Construction Pty Ltd (DEVCON)
Street Furniture Supply Grillex®

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