A custom-design lighthouse lights up Amberton Beach, calling all mermaids and pirates to play.

On the rugged Western Australian coastline of Eglinton sits Amberton Beach, a new masterplanned community by developers Stockland. A relaxed waterfront precinct complete with beautiful beaches and open greenspaces, this family-orientated neighbourhood was designed to allow community spirit to thrive.

Promoting an active outdoor lifestyle, a relaxed pace and a host of amenities for the whole family — including the family dog — Amberton Beach boasts a community “where you can truly feel at home.” In keeping with this pledge, Stockland commissioned an innovative playspace to make the neighbourhood come alive.

The Amberton Beach adventure playground is a vibrant and energetic space with a fittingly coastal theme. At the centre of its many delights, spearing skyward in a red and white-striped mass is a custom-designed lighthouse play structure designed and supplied by playspace experts WillPlay. Created to serve as a landmark for the area that would help to ‘define’ Amberton Beach, the lighthouse tower stands 8.5 metres tall and is made from aluminium and stainless steel, to survive the harsh coastal conditions.

Offering myriad play opportunities, the hard-to-miss focal point includes internal rope climbing challenges and a choice of two levels of slides to take landlubbers back down to the ground. Geared toward older children as well as adults, the structure offers a birds-eye view for the adventurers who dare to climb to the top, giving them prime position to look down at the little ‘yabbies’ playing in the sand below.

Working in conjunction with the developers, WillPlay took the project from concept design through to engineering and manufacturing, as well as final certification. The company’s WA agent, Active Discovery, completed the installation onsite and associated works surrounding the playspace.

With the area being visible from all roads leading into the Amberton Beach foreshore precinct, one of the main beach access points and a focal point for the community, Stockland wanted to ensure the centrepiece of the playspace stood as a beacon (no pun intended) for the area. Modelling the tower on a traditional lighthouse helped WillPlay to meet the client’s brief and provide a playspace with a truly spectacular structure that is hard to resist, or miss!


Location Eglinton, WA
Architect Emerge Architects
Sales & Installation Active Discovery
Design & Manufacture WillPlay
Certification WillPlay


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