Increasing amenity in a public space where user comfort can, for some, mean the difference between relief and distress.

One of the largest private hospitals in Australia, St Andrew’s Hospital in Adelaide prides itself on delivering excellent healthcare provision to the community, with a focus on ongoing development of onsite services and facilities. As part of its strategic plan to be environmentally sustainable while enhancing the patient experience, the hospital recently instigated an upgrade to its outdoor third-floor terrace.

Wiltshire & Swain Architects were engaged to design a functional and usable area for patients and visitors. To achieve this, two Shaderunner® retractable sail systems were specified to provide much needed weather protection over the exposed rooftop area.

Shadeform were engaged to design, engineer, manufacture and install two motorised Shaderunner® retractable sail systems, including support beams, for the project. As the seating area requiring weather protection was 7.2 square metres, exceeding the 6.5 metre maximum width for a single awning, a twin Shaderunner® retractable system was installed, providing greater coverage and improved flexibility for terrace users.

Most Shaderunner® systems feature an easy to use manually operated endless cord system, but increasing in popularity is the option to have remote motorised control. Motorised operation was selected for the St Andrew’s project to ensure ease of use, with each Shaderunner® featuring a durable Somfy motor housed in a slimline powdercoated headbox. For the ultimate convenience, a simple to use remote controller is employed to extend and retract the Shaderunner® system as and when required.

Being a public space, further automated control was provided by the addition of sun, wind and rain sensors that automatically extend or retract the Shaderunner® sails during weather events. At the touch of a button, the twin Shaderunners can be deployed to provide thermal comfort when required. Conversely, the sensor control will provide this function automatically in the event of a surge in sun, wind or rain exposure.

The Shaderunner® system is manufactured from durable components, including marine-grade 316 stainless steel fittings and Ronstan yachting ball bearing pulleys, providing a robust retractable shade solution for a range of commercial and domestic applications.

Using high-quality components, most Shaderunner® systems require only two running wires along which the fabric extends and retracts. Being on the third-floor terrace, the twin Shaderunner® system at St Andrew’s Hospital was specified with an additional third running wire to provide greater stability for the location. In addition, a weighted tube was added to the front panel of each system that serves to lessen wind action on the retracted Shaderunner® under extreme wind events, reducing the occurrence of fabric wear in windier areas.

Designed to withstand high-traffic applications and the demands of the harsh Australian climate, Shaderunner® awnings are manufactured from a range of rigorously tested fabrics that are both durable and stylish. An Outlook 95 percent polyester mesh fabric in Graystone was chosen to outfit the St Andrew’s terrace, providing excellent shade and glare reduction with a contemporary look.

By installing the Shaderunner® retractable sail system, the hospital’s invaluable outdoor space now has the benefit of controllable shade on demand, providing thermal comfort to patrons and visitors as required year round.

Ideally suited for a range of commercial and domestic applications, from outdoor terraces to alfresco dining areas, beer gardens and aquatic centres, the Shaderunner® offers a resilience, compliance and adaptability to outdoor spaces like St Andrew’s Hospital.


St Andrew’s Hospital
Location Adelaide
Architect Wiltshire Swain Architects
Supply & Install Shadeform

Shaderunner® Australia

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