Using the best of nature to make custom playscapes that capture the imagination is what it’s all about for Timber Creations.

For over 10 years Timber Creations, with master craftsman Andrew Smith at the helm, has been designing and crafting custom timber playspaces and site-specific sculptures that light up a landscape.

Utilising natural materials (in the purest sense) Timber Creations works with architects, designers, clients and communities to assess sites, design spaces and craft wholly original pieces to suit individual project requirements.

From climbing equipment to log playgrounds, timber structures, furniture and fantastical creatures, Timber Creations is the nature-play equipment specialist. The company’s knowledgeable and talented team are experienced in education, play and design, so they have the knowhow to complete an end-to-end project with careful consideration of environment, safety and child development.

Working from their studio on the NSW Central Coast, the specialised team effectively combine art and quality construction to forge beautiful playspaces with functional pieces that reflect a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Using local, sustainably sourced, recycled Australian timber, the company’s creations encourage exploration and develop the imagination.

Chosen for their character and durability, the timbers used to shape playground elements also stand as unique works of art; a reflection of the natural world reimagined to aid in the growth and development of children’s potential.

A testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the Timber Creations team, their work on the Goodstart Early Learning Centre project in Double Bay is a visual and tactile feast for the senses.

Designed to stimulate the imaginations of children up to five years of age, the Goodstart centre is an indoor forest that provides natural play opportunities for its little adventurers — three storeys up!

Located in an inner-city urban environment, Goodstart wanted to ensure its playspace included natural materials, organic forms and native plants. Working with Fiona Robbé Landscape Architects, Timber Creations developed a collection of complementary elements to construct a spectacular indoor landscape that delights children day after day.

Hollowed out logs and timber boxes make great planters for verdant green offerings, while playground logs and stumps do their duty as balance beams and steppers that help develop motor skills. Skateboard seats are a tactile treat with a sturdy purpose, and tree and branch sculptures offer their canopies as a neat place to sit under and read or play with friends.

A standout piece — in a room chockfull of imaginative designs — is the stick teepee. Towering timbers arranged in a semi-circle form an open cubby that houses tree stump stools perfect for story time.

The natural aura generated by the prodigious use of original timbers in this well-lit sky-garden, makes it a delightful place to play and an imaginative space to grow.

With a belief in the potential of nature-play and a strong understanding of what kids want in a playspace, Timber Creations continues to grow its playground design and bespoke creation efforts. Working hand-in-hand with councils and schools, you’ll find the Timber Creations team out on site getting the lay of the land in order to do what they do best; designing and crafting playscapes that sit harmoniously within their environment.


Client Goodstart Early Learning Centre
Location Double Bay, NSW
Landscape Architect Fiona Robbé Landscape Architects
Design & Install Timber Creations

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