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Implementation of a substantial riparian corridor rehabilitation project to restore the natural ecosystem and protect the local wildlife lies at the heart of this exclusive residential estate. Undertaken by Evolve Environmental Services, the Ewer Street riparian corridor rehabilitation is a five year project that began in 2014.

The largest rehabilitation project facilitated by Evolve since its inception, the Astonbrook Estate project involved a substantive weed management and revegetation program to eradicate all weeds, particularly the proliferation of Cat's Claw vine and camphor laurel trees located in the area. Exacting care was taken to ensure existing local wildlife habitats remained undisturbed throughout the rehabilitation process.

Astonbrook Estate, located in Carindale, Queensland, is a boutique estate developed by Villa World comprised of 47 large land lots located just 15 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. Billed as exclusive living, the estate is a beautifully landscaped enclave designed around the riparian corridor, which provides recreation and leisure space for residents and visitors. Sandstone lined pathways encircled by verdant greenery provide passage to a private bridge and viewing platform that offers stunning views over the repaired and now thriving riparian corridor.

The large scale rehabilitation project by Evolve was implemented at Spring Creek to reinstate the natural ecosystem, with special consideration given to preserving the existing habitat of the light-sensitive rainbowfish living in the upper section of the creek. The project also included ongoing maintenance for a period of five years, to ensure the newly established zone would continue to flourish.

Beginning with preliminary works that entailed the thinning of Camphor Laurel trees, extensive weed management was then employed to remove the Cat’s Claw vines that had infested the site. This process was essential as rainbowfish are very sensitive to light and dramatic changes in water temperature. This impacted the rate of clearing, which was all done by hand. Once cleared, the area was placed on a maintenance program to control regrowth - resulting in no negative impact to the fish!

To manage stormwater on the site, several swale drains were installed by Evolve, and reinforced fabric was utilised to stabilise the zones and curb runoff from the surrounding estate to prevent silt problems occurring in the creek.

To reinstate the lushness of the area 40,000 plants, consisting of endemic species of trees, grasses and shrubs in varying sizes from 15cm to 3m-tall, were planted, returning the creek corridor to its former glory and providing habitats for the native fauna. Due to damage caused by wallabies in the newly planted areas, temporary fences were installed to protect fresh growth, and a temporary irrigation system, which utilised water from the existing onsite dam, was installed to guarantee plant survival.

The team at Evolve, which includes an environmental scientist and qualified horticulturalists, worked closely with Wolter Consulting, Form Landscape Architects, and various departments of the Brisbane City Council to ensure delivery of the Spring Creek riparian corridor rehabilitation project to the highest standards.

In 2016 the Ewer Street Riparian Corridor project won the Landscape Queensland Ecological Rehabilitation Award.


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