As part of an upgrade to the parklands, new seating was sourced to promote a relaxed vibe.

Wanting to encourage people to use the park more throughout the working week was the main driving force behind the upgrade of Mascot Park. The park is well located for nearby offices and businesses and it was hoped that people would come to the park to relax, eat lunch and simply get outside during the day. To achieve this goal, the furniture required needed to be both visually inviting and comfortable.

There are other areas and features of the park which focus more on other aspects of the park’s visitors, such as family, leisure and exercise, but this particular space was more about relaxation.

The seat is a stylish interpretation of a sun lounge, chosen by Street Furniture Australia who wanted to move away from heavy and rigid looking furniture and create something floating and asymmetrical.

The inspiration for the design was a flower or lily leaning forwards, with the cupped middle section inviting passers-by to lie back into the seat and relax.

The seat also pays homage to Sydney University’s chaise-style seats which were designed by Taylor Cullity Lethlean and built by Street Furniture.

The key feature of the seat is the single ‘fin’ type leg, which supports it. The curvilinear shape of the ‘fin’ leg gives a ‘forward-leaning’ effect from the side elevation and an unsupported, floating effect from the front. Also the typical Street Furniture style battens, as used in much of its furniture since the company started 26 years ago, firmly state that this is a seat to be sat on, not just a sculpture to be admired.

The seat has been subsurface fixed into a concrete footing and paved over the fixing. This was to allow for lawn mowers to get around the seats, without needing to get too close to them. The frame is mild steel, and the battens are Western Australian Jarrah.

It’s not hard to believe the park is now a favoured spot by many a local worker, looking for the perfect escape on their lunch break.

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