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Using a robust recycled-plastic decking to restore Launceston’s Seaport boardwalk has extended the life of a prized community thoroughfare.

The waterfront boardwalk at Seaport in Launceston, Tasmania, was originally built in 2002. Made from Tasmanian Ironbark, the timber boards required a lot of maintenance and after only 10 years had reached the end of their practical life.

With the timber so badly deteriorated, the City of Launceston decided it needed to find a more durable material that could handle the harsh environment. After a very thorough selection process, Enduroplank™ decking from Replas was selected.

Raj Pakiarajah, from Launceston City Council, said, “one of our main aims was to find out what is the most suitable material for this boardwalk. We finally found out that recycled plastic is the product we wanted and that the community wanted.”

Decking Out Melbourne worked with local contractor Darcon Building Excellence to complete the project, and in only six months the refurbishment was complete. The six metre wide deck stretches for almost 350 metres and now provides a safer more durable surface for pedestrians.

Graham French from Decking Out Melbourne, said, “This has been a fantastic project to be a part of. The general feel from the public and the shop owners is that it’s a great product and they are very, very happy with the end result. I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out.”

9500 lineal metres of Enduroplank™ decking was used in the construction of the boardwalk, with approximately 30,000 stainless steel bugle head batten screws holding it all together. This innovative recycled plastic decking looks good, is sustainable, and will last for more than forty years with virtually no maintenance.

Recycled-plastic decking is perfect in a harsh environment such as this. As it is resistant to moisture and microorganisms, it will cope with rain, snow, heat and saltwater with ease. Almost 70 tons of recycled plastic was used to create the decking material, saving the equivalent of more than 17 million plastic bags from landfill. Even offcuts from the project didn’t go to waste. They were returned to Replas to be recycled and turned into seats for use along the boardwalk.

On completion of the project Launceston’s Mayor, Albert Van Zetten, said, “The timber started to twist and it became unsafe for people, especially on bikes or with prams and people just wanting to walk, so this is a lot better, a better finish and it’s going to be a lot safer and longer lasting.”

Once a high maintenance liability, the waterfront deck is now a stunning asset to the Launceston City Council and the many visitors to the busy and vibrant Seaport area.

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Client Launceston City Council
Builder Decking Out Melbourne
Contractor Darcon Building Excellence
Decking Replas

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