A flourishing streetscape appreciates the value of a community in the residential development of Alamanda, proving the old adage that it pays to plan ahead.

Several years on from its fledging beginnings, residential development Alamanda Point Cook is now reaping the benefits of a complex and multifaceted streetscape design that proves the value of planning with long term vision.

Located a 20 minute drive from Melbourne’s lively CBD, Alamanda Point Cook is a contemporary centre that has established itself as one of Australia’s best communities. Winning the 'Residential Development' award at the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) National Awards in 2010, Alamanda has been praised for its delivery from vision to reality.

The Alamanda development is set across 130 hectares and is a 1500 lot project of medium density, with multiple stages of development still underway. Building began in 2009 and set a new benchmark in liveable residential communities. With five hectares of pristine wetlands, a variety of landscaped parklands, and a network of walking and cycling tracks, Alamanda has become an attraction for the Point Cook region, in large part thanks to the soft landscaping implemented by the Fleming’s Group.

Working with Habittude by Fleming’s, the supply, installation and maintenance division of Fleming’s, Alamanda is continuing to hold its own as a remarkable, flourishing community. As the landscape matures and develops, so too does the value it delivers to the community, reinforcing Fleming’s Director, Wes Fleming’s philosophy that well established landscapes only appreciate from the day they are planted.

Alamanda is planted with a wide range of native and ornamental trees, providing balance between evergreen and seasonal interest, while the parks are planted with large shade trees to provide natural shade and dappled light. To date more than 2200 very mature trees – all 45L or above - have been planted by Fleming’s.

Fleming’s worked closely with the developers and architects to ensure the plant supply was suitable for the location and achievable for the desired aesthetic of the estate. Wes Fleming provided expert advice and consultation throughout the process to build a list of appropriate species for the project. Working in consultation with Council, Wes then ensured the final choices selected worked within the development.

Much of this community’s ability to stand the test of time, according to Villawood’s Director, Rory Costelloe, is the early attention to detail and commitment to ensuring Alamanda’s streets and parks were executed with the right plants by people that know horticulture.

With long term vision, Wes Fleming and Rory Costelloe approached the development of Alamanda with a keener and wider focus than was standard in 2009 when the project first commenced. In order to achieve the best results for the street vistas and parks that would translate into long term beauty, the vision for Alamanda was to make certain that the greenlife represented the ethos of the estate and not just look good on paper. With the aim to revolutionise the means by which streetscaping is approached, Habittude offered the developer a 100% replacement guaranteed – ensuring it was in their best interests to guarantee trees not only survived but thrived.

Underpinning this process was the fact that the trees were sourced from, planted by, pruned and watered by one team, before eventually being handed over to Council. This approached allowed the team at Habittude to take ownership of the project and invest the full scope of skill and attention needed to assure long term success for the project.

Scope of works undertaken by Fleming’s includes:

  • Plant source and supply
  • Street planting
  • Planting and maintenance of parks
  • and gardens
  • Soft landscape installation
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Advice and consultation


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