Australian Concrete Mats are manufacturers of an innovative flexible concrete mat system engineered for permeable erosion protection and prevention. The flexible control mat has concrete shapes embedded into a polyester geogrid.

This innovative and easy-to-use system has multiple applications where erosion protection, scour prevention on slopes or soil stabilisation may be an issue. It also supports rehabilitation of the natural landscape.

Easy to use, cost-effective and very low maintenance, concrete mats are a great solution for use in swale drains, water and overflow channels, embankments and slope protection, low water crossings and spillways.

The strong geogrid and space between the concrete shapes give the mats a flexible structure that makes them suitable to lay in any terrain. Packaged and rolled into large rolls, the mat design makes handling and installation very efficient. They can be easily lifted, placed and unrolled using standard machinery. Once laid down they start working right away.

Biodegradable geotextile nutrition or non-woven underlay is prerolled with each mat, to save time during installation and promote or inhibit vegetation growth under the mat depending on site and project requirements. The nature of the mat’s structure slows deluge flow, promoting water absorption into the soil where it’s needed most.

Whether used to control channel erosion, for outlet protection or stabilisation on slopes or shorelines, concrete mats provide hard armour protection with a green covering of grass or native plants. And, you can mow down your green or let it grow wild, it works both ways.



  • Quick and easy installation — reducing labour time and costs
  • Safe for pedestrians and wildlife to walk on
  • Can be mowed over with commercial equipment
  • Blocks cannot be dislodged or realigned
  • Weed spraying not required
  • Can be driven across safely
  • Does not require poured concrete-lined channels

Australian Concrete Mats

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