moveArt design functional sculptures to awaken the personality of any public space.

Fast becoming a favourite with architects and designers of public spaces across the nation, moveArt is a unique sculptural offering that is inspired by the double helix.

Offering a wide range of function for a vast array of open-space applications, moveArt was founded in 2015 and was developed to European safety standards. Suitable for the Australian lifestyle, moveArt is an ideal inclusion in cityscapes, parks, gardens, on rooftops, in playgrounds, for forecourts and the like to suit all walks of life.

moveArt sculptures exist in the intersection between art and exercise. Their organic forms enliven urban landscapes and provide a host of play and physical challenges through creative exploration, as well as being visually stimulating.

Crafted from certified 100 percent ecological and sustainable Accoya timber, each interactive art form results in a sculptural unit that encourages visitors of all ages to explore in safety. Treated with a non-toxic substance to ensure longevity and reinforce durability, and with an expected lifetime of 25 year plus, all moveArt sculptures are suitable for long-term exposure to outdoor conditions — perfect for the Australian environment.

Not only do they retain their looks, once installed, moveArt sculptures require no maintenance. They are also highly resistant to vandalism and are particularly robust. An ideal solution for placemaking in public spaces, moveArt “offers a sustainable and ecological way to enliven, integrate, inspire and create harmony between human beings and their surroundings by combining the critical principles of art, functionality and safety”.

Designed for joyful verbal and non-verbal communication, moveArt objects are designed in close collaboration with clients, architects and landscape architects to ensure the right piece is created to express the ‘character’ of a place. This, in turn, helps to reinforce or strengthen the cultural identity of a public space and create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere.

Suitable for users both young and old, the inclusion of a moveArt sculpture in any civil works project ensures not just beauty and functionality but also accessibility.

As the Australian sales partner and authorised installer for moveArt sculptures in Australia, Marcus Constructions have a highly skilled installation team that has been building inspiring landscapes for more than 20 years. According to Marcus Constructions, “Green and fun landscapes ‘speak’ a universal language that unites generations and cultures via the unforgettable moments they create.”

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Australian sales partner and authorised installer for moveArt
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