The Little Learners Early Education centre in South Morang, Queensland, takes play very seriously. Dedicated to tailoring a child’s education to suit individual needs, the team at Little Learners strive to provide a happy, safe and nurturing learning environment — which is why they contacted Art Dinouveau to create a playspace that underscores their educational ethos.

As one of the largest early learning centres in Australia, Little Learners sets the benchmark in innovative early education playspaces. The visionary owners, Davin and Aaron, approached Art Dinouveau with a design brief for creating a unique, nature-focused play and learning space for the 280 children attending their centre. Populated by dinosaurs, turtles, bugs and more, the resulting nature-inspired playspace is big on imagination, big on playfulness, and best of all big on helping to create exciting outdoor adventures. 

Art Dinouveau has been creating playspaces populated by imaginative and detailed sculptural play equipment and botanical concept furniture for over 20 years. Based on a desire to foster creativity and provide an inclusive play experience, Art Dinouveau creates magical worlds for children to step into and engage in imaginative, unstructured play. 

Utilising their Art for Play range of interactive sculptures, which can be combined in myriad ways, Art Dinoveau populated the engaging playspace at Little Learners with a menagerie of caterpillars, snails, ants, frogs and ladybirds. There’s even a ferocious T-Rex — comically restrained by a tiny fence — and an ancient sea turtle with obliging footholes that allow children to scale his colourful shell. A Gum Leaf Pod House and Gum Blossom chairs together with a Hollow Log climber and tunnel round out the space.

Mindful of the importance of the end user in any playspace, Art Dinouveau focuses on creating industry-compliant projects that meet the highest standards. To that end, the Little Learners playspace is surrounded by colourful EPDM rubber to ensure the utmost safety for all adventuring explorers. In addition, each magical sculpture is crafted from heavy-duty fibreglass and finished in durable polyurethane paint with a protective graffiti-proof varnish to ensure they will remain safe, vibrant and usable for years of play.

The Little Learners playspace is interactive, educational, and celebrates nature in a fun way. Children have ample room within the playspace for guided group activities or they can engage in unrestrained play to develop their climbing and motor skills. At the end of playtime, the space becomes a whimsical area for children to gather around and eat lunch in the toadstool garden.

Pulling out all the stops, Art Dinouveau has created a magical wonderland that will engage and delight little learners for years to come.

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