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Using innovative and unique design elements, HUB has created an award winning suite that makes international travel something to write home about.

Originally engaged to design a major gateway and freeway lighting tower for the new Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, Qatar, HUB’S scope within the project expanded as the project progressed. Adding to their original plan, HUB included designs for a lighting suite of streetlight poles for the terminal and surrounding road structure, a suite of furniture for use immediately outside the terminal, and a series of air conditioned shelters that would connect the surrounding carpark to the terminal.

At the heart of HUB’s design for the HIA tower lighting, street lighting, furniture and shelters is the integral use of an artistic decoration known as Arabesque. Used to create dynamic patterning and imagery, Arabesque was used on the cladding for the freeway towers and street lighting, then backlit with full RGB LED technology so the imagery is clearly visible night and day.

Arabesque patterning was also central to HUB’s design for the exterior furniture elements, which included seats, benches, bins, bollards and tree grilles, creating a series of furniture elements that appear to float above, but remain connected to, the landscape through a celebration of artistic language. The furniture suite is now being adopted for precincts surrounding the HIA.

Beyond the terminal, the shelters designed by HUB provide refuge from the heat and dry for travellers transferring between the carpark and the terminal. The fully glazed cubes are crowned by tensile shade structures that collect precious precipitation for use in the air-conditioning of the shelter’s interior.

Hamad International Airport is an award-winning airport that sets a new benchmark in design and quality of experience for international travellers. A key component to that success and experience is the design of the tower lighting, street lighting, furniture and shelters. The unique suite designed and manufactured by HUB contributes significantly to the identity of this landmark project.

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Client Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar
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