A special place has been created for children and those who accompany them in a bid to help ease the burden of hospital visits.
Located at the new Lady Cilento Hospital in South Brisbane and funded by the George Gregan Foundation, this spectacular new playspace was completed in November 2014.
Designed and project managed by Ric McConaghy (RMPL), the playscape was brought to life by the collaborative efforts of Jungle Play, Playscape Creations, and Wax Design, among others.
The design brief called for the creation of an all-abilities playspace for children attending the hospital and their carers. It is intended that children receiving treatment and their families can find a place of wonder and respite where they can play and engage with their environment and others.
“The design intent was to be sympathetic and synergistic with the internal and external treatment of the hospital, designed by Conrad Gargetts, and to ensure play provision for all seven senses and engagement for all,” said Ric McConaghy.
All features of the project contribute to a holistic experience. There are both small and large elements included in the space with the hope that each child with find their favourite and share it with others.
Sculpted natural play elements include a Giant Tree Stump Cubby and Slide, a Bower Bird’s Bower complete with Giant Peg and Milk Bottle Top, a Hollow Log Tunnel and Climber, two Giant Ants and a Bougainvillea Pollen Dome Climber. Complementing these elements are magnificent Indigenous artworks, a Bee Play rocker, natural planted areas, sound and discovery elements and a range of engaging play panels.
“Jungle Play was extraordinary on this project, working for months in advance to design and fabricate the incredible natural play sculptures and furniture,” said Ric. “Playscape Creations were equally brilliant on site during installation. These two Queensland companies, who had not worked together with RMPL before, collaborated superbly to create this space under very challenging site conditions.”
Sean Conway from Queensland Health was also an invaluable contact during preparation and construction as were the team from Lend Lease.

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