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Wollongong’s Crown Street Mall has a new lease on life after the installation of new street furniture and lighting, allowing it to shine once again.

Crown Street, Wollongong, offers a direct link from the city’s main shopping area to the coast and beach. Anchored by Myer and David Jones at the west end and Wollongong Council Town Hall at the east end of the mall, after extensive redevelopment the mall is once again the jewel in Wollongong City’s crown.

Led by the NSW Government Architects Office (GAO), Crown Street Mall was recently redeveloped into a major cultural and shopping strip. The bold new design removed layers of clutter to reveal a wide street bounded by a unique mix of building facades.

The design involved removing steps, stages, fountains, low retaining walls and other impediments to free access across the site. The solutions included all new paving, in part suspended over common planting trenches accommodating eucalyptus trees, a collection of custom furniture elements, and catenary feature lighting suspended from a series of multi-function lighting poles.

HUB was engaged by GAO to provide preliminary design advice for the furniture and light poles. Through an open tender process, HUB won the contract to design and supply the custom furniture, including 2m cantilevered concrete and HWD seats, benches and picnic tables, custom structural Class B load tree grates and grilles with infill paving, and multi-function poles of varying heights used to suspend the cantenary feature lights.

Critical to the project was the finish of the concrete furniture and the light poles. The specification for the light poles called for the slightest of tapers across their length, they also needed to be fabricated from a single section with no visible seam weld. In addition they were required to carry the significant weight of the centenary feature lights, while some poles featured CCTV cameras that demanded a maximum 1mm of horizontal movement for every 1m of height.

A high level of finish was achieved through HUB's careful detailing, prototyping and value-adding during the fabrication process. HUB’s scrupulous attention to detail on the Crown Street Mall project means that this very popular public space will continue to shine bright like a diamond.

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Client Wollongong City Council
Designer NSW Government ArchitectsOffice
Contractor Lahey Constructions

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