More than just protection from the elements, this sculptural structure gives Gungahlin town centre a unique creative identity.

Designed for the Gungahlin bus station upgrade, this modular, large-scale bus shelter from Stoddart is a statement of form meeting function. Establishing 92 metres of architecturally inspired shelters and walkways, the Gungahlin shelter combines utility with distinctive design.

Commissioned by Roads ACT, the Gungahlin bus shelter is central to the town, forming the terminus for the light rail route between Canberra City and Gungahlin. The purpose of the project was to develop facilities in this location in order to ease the transfer of passengers between the light rail and the city’s bus network.

In developing the bus shelter, the project brief required a solution that not only provided ample weather protection for transport users, but also met acoustic guidelines for the project.

Responsible for the design, fabrication, installation and management of the shelter, Stoddart Infrastructure, working in conjunction with Guidelines ACT Civil Contractors to deliver the project, created a soaring structure that successfully matched the brief; including the requirement that it sit within the wider existing material and colour palette of the Canberra Light Rail scheme currently under construction.

A modern design with angular lines and eye-catching features, the imposing mass of the shelter has a sculptural quality that gives it gravitas. A perforated plywood timber soffit with bronze powdercoated cladding generates the structure’s incomparable identity.

Adding functionality to its creative design, the shelter features DDA-compliant seating to ensure it meets the needs of all users. IP-rated downlights provide adequate illumination under any weather condition and CCTV facilities offer commuter safety. Illuminated lightboxes and PA speakers keep passengers informed, while recycled-glass-bead acoustic panels sit behind the soffit to contain noise and facilitate a quieter environment for the surrounding commercial area.

Standing over 4 metres high with a total span of 5 metres, the Gungahlin bus shelter is a reflection of Stoddart’s innovative approach to design and fabrication. Experts in installation and project management, Stoddart was vital to the integration of this sizeable bolt-together steel frame into the overall transport infrastructure project.

The company’s capacity to offer end-to-end services ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget, with the ability to provide bespoke elements when needed.

Built to stand the test of time, the Gungahlin bus shelter will mark the town centre with its unique visage for years to come, providing necessary infrastructure for a critical transport route.


Client ACT Roads
Location Gungahlin, Canberra
Contractor Guidelines ACT Civil Engineering Contractors
Shelter Design & Install Stoddart Infrastructure

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