Originally an access road, delivery depot and car park, the Innovation and College Walk at Monash University now serves as a resourceful, reflective and educational environment.

Constructed by PTA Landscapes, the Innovation and College Walk is a functional landscape that features a multipurpose granite paved boulevard and plaza, with a significant stormwater treatment basin incorporating a wetland and a biofilter zone.

Designed by Rush Wright Landscape Architects, this cutting-edge project was built for PTA Landscapes' longstanding client Monash University. A space of great innovation, the project is utilised for the purposes of water sensitive education and research by staff and students.

At its core, the area serves as a fully functional stormwater treatment basin. The wetland zone treats stormwater generated from the roof of the adjacent building - approximately 800m2 of surface area - which is directed from the roof into the wetland via a custom stainless steel water feature. Once the wetland fills, water spills over the in situ concrete weir walls and into the marsh planting zones, before being captured and transferred to the underground storage tank and used to irrigate the surrounding landscape.

The biofilter is responsible for the treatment of a catchment area of approximately 3300m2 from the upstream roads and landscaping. The biofilter is ameliorated with biochar to improve the retention of heavy metals from the road runoff to improve the soil’s moisture holding capacity. Once the stormwater exits the biofilter it is captured by the underground storage tank for irrigation.

As the water transitions through the systems, it can be tested via monitoring pits for sediment, nutrient and other pollutants. This allows for the collection of data to be used by the university for teaching and case studies.

The surrounding landscape looks over the water treatment system and allows for passive observation and interaction with the environment. It features a recycled hardwood boardwalk that wraps around three sides of the bio basin. Granite staircases and ramps lead from the boardwalk onto the expansive granite paved walk, with exposed aggregate used throughout to create designated pedestrian areas. One of the pedestrian walkways cantilevers over the biobasin to enhance viewing.

Awarded Commercial Landscape of the year (for works over $500,000) at the 2016 Landscaping Victoria Awards, The Innovation and College Walk is not just unique in design but also an exercise in sustainable construction. During the build, PTA developed and implemented a waste management plan, which saw 95 percent of the 1298m3 of waste generated on the build either recycled or reused. Recycled crushed rock was used for sub bases, concrete with cement substitute was used for all roughcast concrete, and composite decking made of recycled plastic and recycled hardwood timber was used in the decking structures and furniture. A fallen tree from the site was also reused in the landscape construction as a design feature.


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Client | Monash University
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