Billed as a precinct of fun with challenging play experiences for all, Wyndham Park is more than just a park.

Based on a tessellated design that offers climbing, sensory and thrilling play experiences for kids of all ages, Wyndham Park demonstrates harmonious parallels between architectural aesthetics and natural, organic forms — and it’s also heaps of fun!

Located in Werribee in Victoria, the public recreation space is nestled in a natural bush setting. Using the inspiration of the riverine landscape and its geological rock forms scattered along its undulating bank as the basis for the design brief, this adventure playground was part of a $13 million redevelopment project that was to turn the previously unused greenspace into a state-of-the-art destination venue for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Suitable for junior and senior age groups, the overall scheme needed to add value to the landscape and pay homage to its heritage features, while being sensitive to the surrounding environment and giving it a strong sense of place and identity. The playscape design needed to include slides, a rope climbing course and custom play structures with internal play elements and viewing opportunities of the natural surroundings. That’s where KOMPAN came in.

Working closely with Wyndham City Council, AECOM and Arup throughout the ideation process, KOMPAN’s team of Australian designers collaborated in the creation of the sophisticated and iconic adventure space before finalising the design, and completing all engineering, certification and fabrication processes. In collaboration with its qualified local subcontractors, KOMPAN then successfully installed the custom playground equipment.

Additional works in the park upgrade undertaken by a range of contractors included an events lawn, seating and rest areas, barbecue shelters, drinking fountains, new pathways that provided improved cycling and pedestrian access, as well as new boardwalks and viewing spaces, increased lighting, revegetation and an open greenspace. But nothing catches the eye in the scheme quite like the central playspace with its soaring tower.

Rising 11 metres high, the senior play tower includes an exhilirating slide, viewing platforms, climbing tunnels, ropes, hammocks, talking tubes, telescopes and play panels. As does the accompanying 3.5-metre-high junior tower. This complementary junior/senior placement was an innovative solution achieved to meet the brief that required play opportunities for a wide range of users, and has now become an industry benchmark.

Ascending skyward in a series of geometric lines that reflect the surrounding cliffscape and echo its earthy tones, the custom play towers provide infinite variations in play that engage the imagination and encourage children to play longer. Reflecting KOMPAN’s expertise in custom design and its long history working on Australian playscapes, the towers not only offer quality play value but are also architecturally pleasing. KOMPAN used a series of 3D and 2D modelling systems to finalise the tower designs and to undertake site analysis.

A challenge of the project was the multi-layered site. Spread across 4.5 hectares, the play precinct is built across several graded levels down to the riverbank. As a result of the topology of the area, play equipment placement was carefully considered in relation to the overall scheme of the park in order to ensure clear movement between the upper, middle and lower areas, thereby guaranteeing accessibility for all.

Due to the terrain of the site and lack of access for elevated working platforms, the custom towers were built in modules on the lower ground levels before being craned into place.

Retaining walls combined with graded-rubber areas also provided a way of managing elevation changes and incorporating play elements that move seamlessly through the levels. One such element was KOPMAN’s custom Arch Net. Its elongated form provides a playful transition between levels, and the vibrant green arch reflects the surrounding plantlife that thrives at the water’s edge and creeps up the embankment.

A game changer for the region, Wyndham Park has transformed the parkland that sits at the heart of the city, creating an iconic recreational hub for the community that will be an asset for years and a much-loved drawcard that will thrill visitors across multiple generations.


Wyndham City Council
Location Werribee, Victoria
Landscape Architect AECOM
Project Management ARUP
Landscape Contractor ACE Landscape Services
Playground Installation Commercial Play

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