In undertaking a major redevelopment of the Chermside Westfield in Queensland, part of a $355 million expansion program that saw approximately 100,000 square metres of retail trading space added to the centre, Scentre Group commissioned Martin Kellock Pots & Planters to design and supply an array of large-scale pots with specified paint finishes to embellish the internal landscaping.

A major suburb of the City of Brisbane, Chermside is situated just 9km north of the city and is one of the fastest developing suburbs. Known as the mini CBD of Brisbane, Chermside is a busy metropolis with a thriving retail sector. Currently the third largest shopping centre in Australia, Scentre Group estimates that once completed Westfield Chermside will be one of five Australian shopping centres that have the capacity to garner more than $1 billion in retail sales annually.

As part of stage six of the multi-stage redevelopment plans for Westfield Chermside — the largest centre in the Scentre Group portfolio — a series of composite and ceramic pots was specified for the interior fitout. The design called for a variety of shapes and finishes that reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. The addition of these decorative elements not only enhanced the internal vision of the centre but also served to enhance the shopping experience for the centre’s thousands of visitors.

To fulfil the project brief, Martin Kellock Pots & Planters supplied over 300 pots and jars to the centre. Each piece was sealed internally and finished externally with a series of custom finishes exclusive to the project, in accordance with the preferred design visual. Finishes included a ragged lime-wash paint effect and rust paint effect, designed in consultation with Scentre Group. The overall aesthetic was in keeping with the Scentre Group’s preference for earthy tones and natural finishes — a similar visual experienced throughout a number of the other Westfield centres.

As Martin Kellock Pots & Planters is based in Melbourne, due to the large scope of the project, the pots were shipped straight from the various factories to the premises of the company’s logistic provider, where all finishes were applied before delivery to Chermside.

Once the pots were installed onsite, the client decided they desired a different finish for some of the pots. The team from MKPP were able to travel back to Queensland and refinish the selection of pots onsite with an alternative finish developed specifically for the Chermside project.

The completed project is now a spectacular collection of large-scale pots scattered throughout the many levels of the centre, each with a bloom of greenery that helps to bring the tropics from outside into the cool comfort of the centre’s impressive interior.

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