A place for fun and imaginative play has sprouted in the Yarra Ranges under the creative guidance of Fleming’s.

A place to inspire the imagination is exactly what Fleming’s have created with the landscape development at Yarra Ranges’ popular new community Cloverlea Chirnside Park.

The new residential project, located approximately 40km from Melbourne’s CBD in the lush rolling environment of the Dandenong Ranges, is fast becoming the talk of the town with loads of fun, people and children friendly public spaces.

Including a park any child would love to have in their own backyard, the Rain Garden reserve features more than just a place to play but a community-driven design that is all about connecting with nature. The park includes picnic areas, barbecues, exercise facilities, a great place to run the dog, and well-designed spaces for residents to entertain family and friends.

The children’s park includes quirky features such as brightly coloured ‘pencil’ posts, loads of natural materials for play equipment, lots of interactive climbing frames and trees that will grow to provide natural canopy and enhance the lush natural feel of the park in years to come.

Streets are set out with large verges and green space connectivity which will mature to offer one of the greenest, tree-friendly new communities in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Works Fleming’s have undertaken at Cloverlea Include:

• Plant sourcing
• Plant supply
• Street planting
• Parks and gardens
• Hard landscape installation
• Soft landscape installation
• Ongoing maintenance
• Wetland Installation
• Advice and consultation

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